“Impinger Oven” – Sounds Cool, Cooks Hot


Currently available at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is what I find one of the coolest sounding pieces of equipment: a Lincoln Impinger conveyor pizza oven. The fact that it makes pizza is an instant boost on the cool-meter in my book, but I’m also fond of the word “impinger”, which comes from the fact that hot air “impinges” the surface of the food.

Inside the Lincoln Impinger pizza ovens, hot air is moved at a high speed – fast enough to shatter through the cooler thermal wall of the food. This is similar to convection-style cooking, in which fans are used to generate this movement. With impingement technology, precision jet nozzles are utilized to direct the heat right at the product. This increases the flow of heat by as much as three times as in a convection oven. Meaning, an oven that uses impingement technology cooks faster and more uniformly than a convection oven.

Lincoln Impinger ovens bake pizza up to 35 percent faster than other conveyor ovens. It does this without being all noisy about it and without sacrificing quality of product. The control system helps lower emissions and the digital control panel has one temperature control for the entire oven. Most Lincoln Impingers come standard with an LED readout that displays the temperature inside the cavity, belt speeds, and thermostat indicator light. The stainless steel construction is also very easy to clean and maintain!

If you’re interested interested in getting an Impinger of your very own, then head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment before this Lincoln is gone. We offer several ways to save on an Impinger.  There’s our quick and painless financing plan that both established restaurants and start-ups can get approved for. No matter what shape your credit may be in, we’ve got you covered with low monthly payment from $200 to $500 per month. To read up some more on the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing, head to: http://onefatfrog.com/financing.htm

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also welcomes package deals and quick cash deals towards a Lincoln Impinger. With cash, you’ll save a ton and also get all of the free services One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has to offer! What free services? Well..

To help you save even more money, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also delivers absolutely free to nearly the entire state of Florida. We’re all up in the Sunshine State. We deliver totally free to Orlando, Sanford, Tampa, Ft. Myers, Miami, Melbourne, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, Jupiter, Lakeland, Tallahassee, Sarasota, and loads of more locations! Call to find out when we’re journeying to your neck of the woods again!

Besides free delivery, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also offers free custom cutting boards on all used prep tables, free custom paint jobs on anything that can be painted, and free gas conversion from liquid propane to natural and the other way around. So. Many. Freebies.

I won’t impinge on your time anymore, just come on down to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out this Lincoln Impinger oven!

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