Buying Guide: Charbroilers


If you’re interested in adding the spirit of outdoor grilling to your location, then you’re are definitely going to need a charbroiler. These pieces come in a variety of sizes and utilize the power of underfire broiling technology to grill products efficiently. The end result is classic flavor featuring the unmistakable grill marks that make mouths water.

When shopping for a charbroiler, there are several factors to keep in mind. Here’s a brief charbroiler buying guide for your convenience, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.

Just like with any piece of restaurant equipment, you’re going to want to weight the pros of cons before purchasing.


• The flavor of backyard grilling is brought inside your restaurant, leading to a unique menu selection.
• Smoke and strong heat sear, brown, and char food.
• Removable grates are utilized for simple maintenance and cleaning. These grates also allow easy access to heating elements.
• Food is given distinguishable grill marks.
• Charbroilers maintain consistent cooking temperature and quicker recovery times.


• Chabroilers stay lit throughout your service day, so energy use can delve into the high side.
• Charbroilers can suffer from low efficiency due to their open-burner design
• They must be pre-heated.
• Without proper ventilation, smoke can be cumbersome.

Charbroilers come in two designs: radiant heat and lava rocks. Both offer distinct benefits. Radiant heat uses underfire burners while lava rock models use ceramic briquettes to simulate charcoal cooking.


• Hot spots are easily identified
• Food is cooked consistently
• The slanted heat sheath design limits flare-ups. They’re also easier to clean.
• Underfire radiance distributes the heat throughout the cooking surface.


• Gas heating elements
• When fat drips onto the ceramic briquettes, flavorful smoke is released and absorbed into the food.
• Carbon and grease builds up on the briquettes, resulting in frequent flare-ups.
• The ceramic briquettes must be changed twice a year, which adds to maintenance costs.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is getting in used charbroilers all of the time. When you’re ready to purchase, our experienced staff would be happy to help you pick out the perfect one for your location. And with our painless financing plan, you can get everything you need without breaking your budget!

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