Buying Guide: Bar Equipment

Ahh, opening a bar. A popular television show once called the words, “We should buy a bar,” one combination of five misguided words that every man would say. But bars are great places to go to hang out with your friends, and a bar can be a very lucrative business if you do it right. So when you go to open a bar, you want to make sure you know what kind of equipment you should be looking for.

-Beer keg coolers and dispensers: Also known as “kegerators,” these keep beer kegs nice and cold for when your customers order a draft. These can come in a stand-alone form that can hold a couple of kegs.

-Glass washers: Basically, this is a powered dishwasher and its job is to wash glasses very quickly. Bars don’t necessarily need a glass washer, but it can be handy to have.

-Bar sink: This is what you get if you don’t get a glass washer. Basically, the three compartment sink is used to wash all of your glasses in a three step cycle. If you don’t have the powered washer, be ready to get your hands wet.

-Frozen drink dispensers: Margaritas are quite popular, and frozen margaritas are also quite nice. If you get a frozen drink dispenser, you can premake a whole lot of frozen margarita mix, put it in the dispenser, and when someone orders one, it’s a quick pull of a small nozzle.

-Speed rails: This is what holds various liquor bottles that hangs on the bar or other equipment. This helps to keep the bar organized.

There is a lot more equipment out there, but this short list is a very good starting place. Perhaps there will be an addition down the road, but by using this list, you can get things started.

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