Burger King to Introduce Turkey Burgers; Charbroiling Is the Secret

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While fast food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have offered turkey burgers since 2010, Burger King is going to be the first of the Big Three chains to indulge health-conscious patrons.

Last week, McDonald’s announced they plan on offering a lower-calorie version of their breakfast sandwiches made with egg whites. In a bold counter-move, Burger King announced the release of a limited-edition turkey burger this spring. Reps from the chain stated that if the turkey burger performs well, it may be added to their permanent menu.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s originally offered turkey burgers as part of a limited-time menu, but decided to keep the offering since they performed so well. Reps explained that since their turkey burgers still come with offerings like pepperjack cheese and guacamole, so patrons still conceive of them as filling. As far as nutritional content goes, fast food turkey burgers are typically below 500 calories.

The secret to a flavorful fast food turkey burger is charbroiling them. When they’re cooked on a flat griddle, they can end up having a refrigerated flavor, but charbroiling them brings out a fresh, clean turkey flavor.

Chicken and turkey meat is more expensive for chains than beef. The suggest price for the new turkey burger at Burger king is $3.99.

Burger King’s new spring menu will also feature a veggie burger with red onions. For those who throw calorie counts to the wind, the chain will also be introducing bacon cheddar stuffed burger, loaded tater tots stuffed with bacon and sweet onions, a pina colada smoothies, “doughnut holes,” and a trio of iced teas.

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