Running a Restaurant: Knowing the Non-Kitchen Staff

When I think about the many different types of well know, famous chefs, they all have something in common: they’ve all done nearly every job in the restaurant. Not just the cooking jobs, but all the jobs. So here, this is a great opportunity to learn the different types of non-kitchen jobs.

-Floor manager/supervisor: his job is to keep the wait staff in line. Not all restaurants have one, though, as the job can managed by a general manager as well.

-Sommelier: you’ll find them at those high class fine dining restaurants and they’re job is know the wine list and recommend options to diners.

-Head server: this position is earned by years of experience and they can make some managerial decisions, though not as much as a supervisor.

-Servers: their jobs are pretty straight forward…they take orders from the tables, give the orders to the kitchen, then bring food from the kitchen to the tables.

-Bartenders: again, pretty straight forward…they run the bar.

-Host: they greet diners as they come in to the restaurant and also assign diners to a table.

-Food runner: if the night is really busy, they’ll help get food out to the tables. Aside from dishwasher, this is probably where a lot of first timers start in a restaurant.

-Bussers: their job is also simple and yet pretty important: they clear off tables when customers are done and get them ready for the next group to sit down. This is also a job that can be picked up without any previous experience.

It’s important for restaurant owners and managers, even if you don’t have previous experience in a restaurant, to try most of these jobs out at least once. That way, you get the feel for what they go through every day and you’ll know how to make their work environment better.

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