So What Is Fusion Cuisine?


One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has seen a lot of fusion restaurant owners come into our warehouse for equipment lately, so we thought we’d take a moment to look at what this whole fusion things is all about.

More and more fusion restaurants are popping up everyday, but the concept isn’t new. Fusion restaurants have been around since the 1970s. Fusion cuisine combines aspects of different culinary cultures and traditions to create something diverse and new. Combining different Asian dishes is very popular, including South Asian, East Asian, and South-East Asian. Other cuisine cultures popularly consumed at fusion locations include Tex-Mex, Mexican, Japanese, Pacific rim, Italian, and French.

An influx of immigrants can spark colorful fusion creations. in Australia, for example, fusion cuisine is extremely popular in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. In regards to creativity and quality, many experts hold these two Aussie cities in high regard.

Fusion restaurants can sport a wide range of dishes when creating original dishes that combine a variety of ingredients from an assortment of cuisines and regions. The combinations are virtually endless.

The success of  fusion restaurant depends on several factors, including locale, the cultural diversity of the locals, the travel patterns and experiences of the locals, as well as the open mindedness of the locals.

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