Get Ready for Food Truck Wars!


Yes, there are wars that occur a long time ago in galaxies far, far away, but when you want to see food trucks battle for foodie supremacy, then this is the event you’ll be interest to know. Coming back to the Oviedo Mall is the Food Truck Wars, an annual event where 40 food trucks will show why they are the best in the state.

Let’s start by talking about the event itself. The purpose of Food Truck Wars is to give everyone a fun, family-friendly environment where they can come, hang out, enjoy some great food, and have a great time. Food will be provided by 40 different trucks from across the state where they will compete for the five prizes: Best Casual Cuisine, Spirit Award, Best Delectable Dessert, Top Food Sales, and People’s Choice Award. There will also be celebrity judges, a DJ, and live music from Jordyn Kane of Season 11 of American Idol and singer/songwriter Baily Callahan, plus much more.

This event is also pet friendly, so bring the dog, and there will be an area for kids to play plus a beer and wine garden for the grown-ups to play too. If you love to compete in eating contests yourself, then you should check out the Battle of the Belly, where participants can battle in a pie-eating contest for a grand prize of Orlando Predators tickets and 200 bucks to his or her favorite charity. And at the end of the day, that’s also what this is about as several local organizations will be working hard to raise money for several charities, which is always a good thing.

The whole event will take place on March 23rd, starting at noon, at the Oviedo Mall. Admission and parking are free, but you should bring along some cash for the food trucks. Most entrees run between 6 and 8 bucks, with overall prices ranging between 3 and 18 bucks. But remember, it’s going to be a great time with awesome food and a lot of fun. So don’t be the one to miss this battle of culinary Colossuses. Check out for more information.

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