Buying Guide: Walk-In Coolers, Freezers, Combos


Walk-in coolers, freezers, and combos can be one of the biggest purchases you make for your restaurant location. When making a decision on the right walk-in for your location, there are several aspects that have to be considered. In this post, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will introduce you to some of the standard features on a walk-in and discuss what you should look for when considering the purchase of a walk-in.

Typically, walk-ins are constructed of foam insulation housed in between two sheets of metal. They normally come equipped with cam locking devices to allow for easy assembly at your restaurant’s location.

When considering which walk-in to purchase for your location, you should think about the following:

• the walk-in must keep your product at the required temperature, whether it be cool or frozen.
• the walk-in must be assembled and installed properly in order to prevent any food delivery and storage problems that can take a toll on your business.
• the walk-in must be easy to use. The door and temperature controls should be simple to use by all employees.
• the walk-in must consume as little energy as possible while still maintaining the proper temperature.
• the walk-in must last a long time without any degradation problems.
• once the above criteria are met, purchase and install the walk-in ASAP.

Other aspects to consider the type of refrigeration system the walk-in utilizes, whether you need an outdoor one, and walk-ins without a floor.

There are several different types of refrigeration systems, including remote systems (which are the least expensive), standard top mount systems, and saddle mount refrigeration systems. All of the systems consist of a condensing unit and an evaporation coil. The compressor’s job is to compress gas to a liquid that is then pumped through the condensing unit coil as a fan blows outside air through the coil – creating cold air.

Walk-ins that are installed outdoors require a winter kit to provide a compressor cover, a crank case heater, and a fan cycle control to keep the head pressure at an appropriate level. A rain roof should also be installed to prevent any water from leaking into the walk-in.

If you choose to purchase a walk-in without a floor, then it needs to be installed on a ground contact concrete floor.

When you’re ready to purchase a walk-in, head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. We’re always getting in used walk-in coolers, freezers, combos, and more! Our knowledgeable staff would love to help you pick out the perfect one for your location!

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