Restaurant Startup: Leasing Commercial Property

There are so many steps that you need to take to get your restaurant off the ground. We’ve covered many of them on this very blog, and you can go through the search bar on the right to find other topics in this area. One of the most important aspects of any business is getting a location, and since buying can be a pain, another typical step is to lease the property you need.

Here are some important points to prepare yourself for the leasing process:

-When you get to the point of looking over the lease agreements, make sure all parties (your name, the landlord’s name, and the name of the property is identified correctly. Also make sure there is a clause that specifies how and when a rent increase might come along. And don’t forget to see if there are any clauses that could prevent you from doing certain things on the premises that might affect your business. For example, you have to put in a hood system if you have grills, ovens, and such, so it would be bad if there is a clause that says you can’t alter the premise.

-Your responsibilities are obvious as the lessee: you pay rent, you keep the place in good shape, you let the landlord in when necessary, and such. Also, on that whole rent thing, if your landlord is in the middle of an extreme breach, you might be able to withhold rent.

-The lessor’s responsibilities are also pretty obvious. They come by when repairs need to be made (typically with notice), they fix things, and also make sure you have a safe supply of water and reliable electricity. Also, if the place you’re leasing is in such bad shape that you want to get out immediately, there should be a clause to do so. Of course, you should also check the place yourself before you move in.

Remember that your location can help make your restaurant concept, so choose wisely. Also, don’t forget to look back at choosing a location as well, because it’s not just about the building but where that building is located. And you’re off!

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-Of course, no plan is perfect, so you should always be prepared before signing a lease to make sure you have certain arrangements made, like if you think you might want to leave the lease early or you have an issue with a deduction from the deposit.