Restaurant Startup: Licenses You’ll Need

So we here at the Frog like to provide a variety of services aside from just setting you up with some awesome pieces of restaurant equipment and flipping quarters with forklifts (and yes, we can do that last one very well). We are also registering you up-and-coming restauranteurs for ServSafe Food Manager’s classes and tests, taught by esteemed chef and member of the American Culinary Federation Jeffrey Rotz. We do this because we care about start-up restaurants, and this is just one of the different licenses and certifications that you’ll need to have when you get ready to open your doors. If you’re curious about the others, here’s a quick list for you:

-Business license: yes, you are a business, so you need to make sure you have that license. Even if you’re set up with the IRS and state Department of Revenue, you must also comply with local rules, so make sure you check up on those guidelines.

-Building license: this is important for safety purposes. Your restaurant must follow rules when it comes to fire extinguishers and emergency exits, and you have to show that your building is safe for all who may be in the building during business hours.

-Liquor license: if you’re going to sell liquor, you need to get your hands on one of these. These can take some time to get, so if you know you’re planning on selling liquor from the get-go, make sure you apply for one.

-Music and/or Cabaret license: if you plan on having music, whether it’s pre-recorded and coming from a jukebox or from a live performer in your establishment, you also have to clear it with some of those big wigs with suits on.

-Franchise or trademark license: restaurants are one of two businesses: one that uses a franchise or brand name or one that comes up with their own brand name. Either way, you have to get certain licenses for one of these as well. If you’re hoping to open your own franchise of an already-established brand, you’ll need to contact that business about franchising rights. If you start up your own, you still need to do a trademark search to make sure your concept is not being used somewhere else already.

Each one of these can have different rules depending on your local area, not to mention any state or national guidelines, so make sure you do your homework so you can get what you need to open your doors. And don’t forget, we’re still registering folks for our ServSafe Food Manager’s classes and tests. They’re taking place on March 12, 28, and April 3 at 1pm and 6pm. You have to register beforehand, so give us a call and get this very valuable certificate taken care of now.

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