Restaurant Startup: Where Do You Learn The Skills?

Your dream of opening a restaurant is ahead of you, and you know there are a variety of reasons why one wants to start up a restaurant. One of those reasons is because you’ve always had a love for cooking, and you hope that love translates into a successful business. Well, just because you love it doesn’t mean you can do it. And I hate sounding so negative about it, but you definitely need to have the skills before you get behind the stove and head the kitchen. Well, there are ways to learn the skills you need to get going it going.

There are essentially two ways to learn what you need to be a good cook. Those two places are culinary school or on the job. And there are advantages to both methods.

The big advantages of going to culinary school is you’ll gain the skills you need to be a head chef in a restaurant. There is a difference a guy who knows how to dunk stuff in a fryer (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and someone who is a trained chef. If you’re trained, you’ll have a long list of abilities and thus a long list of items you can cook. Another advantage is the ability to work at a fine dining restaurant. If you want to be in a kitchen and be cooking at a fine dining restaurant, you need to have training, and that’s the bottom line. Most importantly, if you want a specialty, you’ll need to go to school for it. There are few ways around that.

While those areas are very specialized, there are advantages for learning on the job as well. For one, you don’t have to stop working, and since sometimes devoting time to school is out of the question due to lack of time, this way you get a two-fer, learning while getting paid. Also, some people just prefer learning hands-on as opposed to being in a classroom. If that’s you, then learning on the job is better for you. Plus, some cooking jobs don’t necessarily need a culinary education, so if you just want to make a nice little salary in a family restaurant and don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey, then enjoy doing what you’re doing.

Either way, try not to go into the business blind. This is one of the biggest reasons why new restaurants don’t make it, so be as educated as possible before you start up your business. And good luck!

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