Taste for the Exotic? It’ll Cost You…

Some time ago, I was watching this great show on the Travel Channel that was featuring some of the best burger joins in the country. Of those burger joints, they stopped in and visiting a restaurant in Colorado (Denver, if I remember correctly) that was best known for serving burgers with meats other than beef. And no, I’m not talking turkey…burgers. I’m talking buffalo. Or kangaroo. Or ostrich. This, of course, got me to a thought of what a burger like that might taste like. Well, if you decide you want to satisfy my tastes (and others’) for the exotic, it’s a great way to stand out, but it can be costly.

A quick internet search (and seriously, I love the internet for reasons like this) brought up several online markets where you can purchase patties of exotic meats, including (and this is just based off a glance of a couple sites): ostrich, alligator, yak, llama, elk, and way, way, wayyyyyy more. But let me tell you, it can be pricey. One site has a one-pound package (four 4-ounce patties) of buffalo burger running at $10.50 per package. Is that costly? Compared to just buying beef, I imagine it is. But, a taste for the exotic might bring in more customers to help handle a cost like that, plus imagine all those people who come with the guys who want the buffalo burger.

Here’s the great thing about buying supplies for your restaurant: first things first, shop around. I only looked at a couple sites but there were several offering a variety of products at a variety of prices, so you can find the one that works best for you. And once you have a supplier you like, and you start developing a relationship with them, sometimes discounts can be thrown your way or they can work with you so you’re getting what you need at a price you can handle. But if you just want to try it out, you could buy a few packages of whatever exotic meat and put it on as a special. If you buy a month’s worth and it’s gone in a week, then you know you’ve got something.

If there’s anything I know about a restaurant diner, they often find that yearning to try something different. Are you going to be the bold restaurant owner to give them an option? We shall see…and let me know what you do. I hear ostrich is delicious.

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