Buying Guide: Pizza Ovens

Vulcan Triple Deck Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are crucial for harnessing the power and majesty of pizza in your restaurant. That’s just common sense. To fully utilize a pizza oven in your restaurant, you can also use it to finish steaks, steam mussels, and give meat, fish, and poultry a mouth-watering smoky flavor.

There are a few different types of pizza ovens and knowing the difference is crucial to matching your restaurant’s concept and menu. Here’s a look at the different types, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.

• Electric Pizza Ovens: these ovens are a bit more expensive, but they allow users a greater freedom. You don’t have to worry about a pilot light or carbon monoxide leak. They’re perfect for restaurants who are located in areas that do not typically have gas lines.

• Gas Pizza Ovens: these ovens allow the user to have complete control over the temperature and heat of the unit. Gas ovens are the most common and are known for creating pizza with knockout flavor.

• Wood Fired Pizza Ovens: these ovens are normally manufactured using natural materials including ceramic and metal. The wood fire helps bring out the flavor in the toppings, especially with meats.

• Brick-Lined Pizza Ovens: these come in natural or LP gas models. The exterior is typically stainless steel with a brick interior. These ovens burn evenly and retain moisture in the crust. Much like Wood Fired models, Brick-Lined ovens produce a crispy product with toppings bursting with flavor.

• Conveyor Pizza Ovens: these ovens can produce a great amount of pizzas in a short period of time. The conveyor allows the user to monitor cooking speed and modify it to suit the customer’s order.

No matter what type of pizza oven you’re looking for, head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment! We’re constantly getting in all kinds of pizza ovens and selling them at incredibly low prices. Come into our warehouse and check out our entire stock of high quality, used restaurant equipment!

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