Listening to the Sound of the Rain…

First off, when you’ve got a messy weather day like this, it can very annoying and occasionally troublesome. I hope you all got through most of the day without any sort of incident that would cause serious frustration or financial strain. I know we got hit with the possibility of delays of deliveries, but be happy we’re good people who don’t want people (including our own people) being put in harm’s way.

But when you’re sitting in the office, and the rain is coming up and on at random intervals, it can hard to concentrate. I would hear silence…then rain. Silence for a while….silence….silence….heavy rain. Then back to silence. Then more rain. Silence for an hour or so. And then, out of nowhere, DOWN POUR! Seriously, it’s an irritating thing.

Look, I don’t mind most weather (except for sweltering heat…and hurricanes…and tornadoes), but seriously, if it’s going to rain, just rain! Why does it have to be off and on like that? Come on now!

Okay, I’m done rambling.

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