Buying Guide: Tabletop Restaurant Equipment

APW Wyott Countertop 2-Burner

Tabletop restaurant equipment is a great way to add some diversity to your kitchen without taking up a lot of space. It’s also a nice way to introduce new menu items and test how they sell before committing to a larger, free-standing model. A huge range of equipment is available in smaller, tabletop models, including fryers, charbroilers, griddles, hot plates, and more. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to run you through the pros and cons of some of this tabletop equipment.

Tabletop charbroilers help give your food that authentic outdoor BBQ taste. Most models normally use underfire broiling technology to consistently create those recognizable grill marks and that mouth-watering flavor everyone loves. You can cook pretty much anything on a tabletop charbroiler, including burgers, steaks, hot dogs, chicken, potatoes, veggies, and more. Charbroilers typically maintain their cooking temperature, leading to faster recovery times. Be sure you have proper ventilation above your tabletop charbroiler, or the smoke can get outta control.

Charbroilers come in radiant heat and lava rock models. The radiant models feature heat that is deflected throughout the surface, giving your product a consistent quality. Lava rock models utilize briquettes to simulate charcoal BBQ cooking. Just like with a normal BBQ, the food’s fat drips onto the briquettes, creating a flavorful, smoky taste. Grease can build up on the briquettes, however, and they have to be changed twice a year.

Tabletop griddles utilize a flat metal plate to cook a large variety of food. The space allows cooks to prepare several items simultaneously without contaminating tastes.  They’re the ideal piece of tabletop equipment for a variety of foods including, pancakes, sausage, hash browns, eggs, chicken, burgers, steaks, and more! Keep in mind that griddles need to be properly seasoned and pre-heated before use.

Tabletop hot plates are perfect for when you need some extra burners but don’t want to buy an entire range oven. Tabletop hot plates are affordable and allow for cooking additional food items and sauces while the range ovens is taken up. Also, the BTU ratings are normally similar to full range ovens.

Tabletop fryers offer users the same classic fried foods of a stand-alone fryers, just less of it. They’re particularly good for side items or specials, like fried pickles. They’re  a great way to introduce items to the menu and see how they do. If they sell well, purchase a larger, stand-alone fryer down the road.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has an ever-changing stock of used, affordable tabletop equipment. No matter what you’re looking for or what your budget is, we can help! Head into our warehouse to cruise our massive selection of tabletop restaurant equipment!

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