Buying Guide: Convection Ovens

There are tons of great pieces of equipment that any restaurant owner should look into getting in their kitchen. If you serve any sort of hot food at all, you should definitely check out a convection oven. Now what is a convection oven? You ask, and I answer. A convection oven uses a fan inside the chamber to circulate air, which allows for quicker cook time. There are, of course, different types available to choose from, and the best one for your kitchen will depend on your kitchen.

-Countertop: these are better for smaller establishments and require little effort in installation. They also don’t require any sort of overhead vents, and a simple power cord is all you need for electric power (and the cord is, of course, attached to the machine). Obviously these vary in size, being as big as 36 inches wide and 34 inches deep.

-Half-size Floor Model: this is good if for lighter menu items like cookies, pastries, or appetizers. It could do the same as a full-sized model, but can fit in a space much easier. Be prepared however, as one this size may not handle the volume of a full-sized model. These will range in size up to 36 inches wide and 36 inches deep and are available in gas or electric power.

-Full-size Floor Model: if you’ve got a high volume restaurant, then you want one of these. These can handle roasted meats and vegetables, breads, and high quantity items. These puppies can be up to 40 inches wide and 40 inches deep and are also available with gas or electric power.

-Bakery Depth Floor Model: as the name implies, this one is ideal for bakeries as well as hotels with a large space available and for high volume catering companies. And you’ll need the space; these can be up to 75 inches wide and 50 inches deep. Again, they are available to be powered by gas or electricity, just like its cousins.

The best thing about convection ovens, as you can see, is that they are incredibly versatile. They can be used for a variety of cooking needs, and since they cook so quickly, they’re great for high volume. So if you’re hunting for a convection oven, think about the size of your restaurant and the kind of volume you hope to achieve. Then start searching! And don’t forget to give us a call in the process as we will make everything super easy.

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