BUYING GUIDE: Restaurant Sinks


No matter what kind of restaurant you’re running, you’re going to need several sinks. it’s the law, pal, and a huge part of your location’s food safety program. Most restaurants are required to have one near every station so be sure to follow up with your local laws to ensure you put the right sinks in the right places.

In the restaurant world there exists several different types of sinks. Here’s a look at the essential ones, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment:

• Hand Sinks: these are standard sinks used for washing hands only. No dishes allowed!

• Kitchen Sinks: these come in 1, 2, 3, or 4 compartment models. They’re used for rinsing and washing dishes. The Hazard Analysis & Critical Points (HACCP) food safety management system requires a 3-compartment sink to properly sanitize dishes. For large pots and other cookware items, make sure you get a big compartment sink.

• Bar Sinks: these 3-compartment sinks are designed specifically for glass washing behind the bar.

Be sure to purchase a sink that is NSF approved. These specially designed sinks have features that help prevent the buildup of filth.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can help you pick out the proper sinks for your restaurant. Head into our warehouse and check out our whole selection of used restaurant sinks. More are coming in all of the time!

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