Designing Your Food Truck’s Menu Board

food truck menu design

Yesterday One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment talked about the exterior design of your food truck. Today we’ll take a look at the sacred menu board – an aspect whose importance cannot be measured by human minds. To create an effective menu board you need to have more than a list of items on white paper. Aspects like color, fonts, layout, and descriptions are crucial to an effective menu design.

The job of the menu is to sell. Therefore, the menu must be able to clearly communicate the appropriate messages and direct your guests to the high-profit items. As you’ll see after gaining experience, menu design and engineering will have a tremendous impact on your sales, patron satisfaction, and profit.

The color scheme and fonts of the menu board should reflect your food truck’s concept. For example, if you’re serving up all American dishes like burgers and hot dogs, your menu’s colors should include red, white, and blue. If you’re a Mexican food truck, consider vibrant colors like reds, turquoise, and purple.

If you’re planning on using a dry-erase or chalkboard than you have more freedom with the font style. With a printed menu, be sure to keep the fonts consistent with the food truck’s theme. Be creative as well. Think about using fancier fonts for headers and sub-headers, but always make sure it’s readable. That last thing you want to do is a confuse potential customers.

Restaurant menus are typically laid out in sequential order from sides to entrees, then desserts and drinks. If you have enough room on your menu board, you should consider doing the same. Having these clearly identified sections with bold headers will help patrons easily navigate your menu. Also, if you have the room, you should consider adding pictures of menu highlights.

Effective menu descriptions should appear below each item’s name. It’s okay to explain what’s in a dish and use ethnic names to spice it up a bit with authenticity. Throw in some local flavor too (if appropriate). A Philly cheesesteak sounds appealing even if you’re in Florida.

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