What to do if Your City Has No Food Truck Regulations

food truck regulations

The mobile food tuck industry is blowing up across the U.S.! There hasn’t been a trend this large in the food service industry since paper plates. Municipalities are doing their best to keep up with the trend, but most cities haven’t set in place the necessary laws governing this culinary revolution. Each city regulates food trucks in a different manner, so while you’re researching the laws in your city, see if there are any laws put in place yet.

You might be living in an area that hasn’t yet approved its first food truck. If this is the case, you may need to spend a lot of time working with city officials to determine what the current vending laws will allow you to get away with. Don’t waste time and money setting up a food truck that doesn’t abide by the current legislation – demolishing your dreams before you even get started.

Vending laws are typically based on the old ice cream truck model. These laws normally allowed the selling of prepackaged food within select residential areas during restricted times. If you’re hoping to sell cook-to-order gourmet food in your city’s downtown district during lunch time, it might be impossible if you don’t work and collaborate with city officials to rework these laws.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment recommends that you reach out to a local attorney who’s knowledgeable about the food service industry. This attorney should be able to interpret for you the current state and local laws that regulate mobile food vending. The proper attorney can even assist you in the development of a revised set of regulations you can work with city officials to put into place.

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