STARTUP: Cost comparison One Fat Frog versus new or used dealers

Whether you are starting a small mom and pop facility, food truck, your third bar or a huge resort, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will be your last stop for great deals.  Our repeat customers know from shopping around that it’s just time to stop at the Frog and make a deal.  Here are a few recent comments from customers who have purchased at the Frog recently and you can tell with their savings that it was worth the flight or drive:

  • The Frog was like $10ish less than her other quote.  BBQ Restaurant.  Drove from Naples, FL
  • The Frog was like $120,000 less than other quotes.  Bar & Restaurant.  Resort in S. America, quoted new and used
  • The Frog was $12k whereas competitors quoted $35 used.  Illinois.
  • The Frog saved us over $1,500 for food truck equipment.  Orlando.
  • The Frog came in well-under benchmark investors wanted.  Orlando.

Keep your eyes open for more information on recent Frog openings.  There is a reason we’re THE high volume used equipment dealer in the nation.  The Frog specializes in used equipment and opening entire facilities.  Call us at 407-480-3409