One Fat Frog Metalworking and Custom Equipment

metalwork table

Did you know One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can do metal fabrication? You do now. We’ve got our very own professional metalworker who can customize, re-size, fabricate, and operate on stainless steel like a boss. For example, on the table above, the client did not want a lip on one side. So our metalworker took care of business – slicing and grinding, no sweat.

This week alone he’s also customized a three-compartment sink with ease. And it’s only Tuesday.

So if you see something in the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment that you’d like customized, just let us know and we’ll have our metalworker work his welding and soldering magic.

He works alongside our certified gas technicians, HVAC specialists, and the other crew that makes our used commercial restaurant equipment the finest in the land!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

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