The ACF and Local Students Help Out the Less Fortunate, Again!


Like they have time and time again, the chefs from the American Culinary Federation Gulf to lakes Chefs and Cooks Association came out the Christian Care Center to help out the less fortunate. Led by Chef Matthew Dennis, Chef Nicole Austin, Chef Jeffrey Rotz, and others, students from Umatille and Lake Minneols, and Eustis High School come out on Saturday, February 16, 2013 and volunteered their time.

The Chef’s Association and students from the Lake County area have been volunteering their time and services to the Christian Care Center since 2009. They will be returning on March 16th with a special St. Patrick’s Day menu! Bravo, folks.

Chef Jeffrey Rotz will be joining One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in March and April for Food Manager’s classing and testing. For more information, refer to our previous blog post or call 407-480-3409. Thanks!

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