Meet Chef Jeffrey Rotz

One Fat Frog is always trying to find ways to help our local restaurants in advancing their futures. And in yet another way of doing so, we are now offering Food Manager’s classes and testing at our Orlando location. Of course, you know that you can only expect the best from us, so we needed to get a great instructor for these courses. And that man is none other than Chef Jeffrey Rotz.

Chef Jeffrey is a highly experienced local chef who specializes in training and educating chefs and other hospitality staff members in safe food handling, customer service, management, and sanitation. His organization, Chefs Helping Chefs, LLC, has been highly sought out for their services, including Rosewood Resorts in the Caribbean and Sunset Beach Resort in Saudi Arabia. Now, local chefs and managers in the Central Florida area (or beyond) have a chance to be taught by Chef Jeffrey for their certification.

Before starting Chefs Helping Chefs, Chef Jeffrey spent over 20 years serving the country as a member of the US Navy. He obviously showed those boys that he was more than just your average mess hall cook. He was the food service manager for the Naval Air Engineering Center, food service manager for the USS Tennessee and USS Daniel Webster, and a senior instructor for Naval Food Management. After leaving the Navy, he became a culinary educator for the Southeast Institute of Culinary Arts and for the Lake County Public School system. Chef Jeffrey also served as secretary and educational chairperson for the American Culinary Federation Gulf to Lakes Chefs & Cooks Association, Inc., and later became president of that same organization.

Chef Jeffrey founded Chefs Helping Chefs, LLC, because he recognized the need for growing education for restaurant owners and chefs. He saw that everyone is become more aware of what happens in the kitchen, thanks widely to celebrity chefs and reality shows that bring cameras into the kitchen. As it is plainly seen from his experiences, Chef Jeffrey has a passion for helping up-and-coming chefs and restauranteurs gain the knowledge they need to move their businesses up in the busy market of food service.

For more information on the Food Manager’s Certification classes, refer to the previous blog post or just give us a call at 407-480-3409.

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