Designing Your Food Truck’s Exterior


Patrons typically never get to see the inside of your food truck, but the exterior is another story. Your presentation is a major part of what’s going to help you sell your product, so the outside of your food truck is immeasurable crucial to roping people in. Depending on your routes, thousands of people may be seeing your food truck every day! Courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, here’s a look at some of the important aspects you should think about concerning the outside of your food truck…

The exterior of your truck should include your logo displayed prominently and images and information on the food you’re serving up. Also include any information you consider important, such as your URL, Twitter, Facebook, phone number, etc.

You should limit the amount of text you include on the outside of your food truck. Most people will be seeing it from a distance at first, so the logo must be large and clear. You have to figure out a way to let people from a distance know what kind of food you’re selling, so you may want to consider putting that in the logo or the name. Remember, don’t cram too much information on the outside of your truck and use images that are going to attract people, not turn them away.

Putting the menu and contact information on the side of the food truck is important because when you’re parked on the side of the street, customers will be walking up the side to get to the service window. It’s a smart idea to use the left side of your truck for images of your food along with your logo and contact information.

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