Who Are You Marketing To?

First off, I should be ashamed at myself for ending a sentence with a preposition in the title. Horrible, just horrible. Moving on, it is very important to know the market that you’re trying to reach with your restaurant’s concept. There are plenty of potential groups of clientele that you could reach, and that can be your niche. Every market has some gap in it, and if you find it, you can find yourself a great position to be the leaders in that area. The best way to think about how to market to certain crowds is to look at well known concepts and to whom they are marketing.

-Hooter’s: Hmm…chicken wings, beer, and women in short shorts and tank tops. They’re all about men. You go to Hooter’s and you see TV’s with various sporting events on, and their food and drink options definitely point to the sports theme. They want men to come in, and the men certainly do.

-The Melting Pot: They are all about couples. They have close, intimate seating, low lighting for ambiance, and meals catered to couples with dipping food into fondue being perfect for sharing. When a man needs to take his wife or girlfriend out for an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion like Valentine’s Day, then the Melting Pot should be on their minds.

-Starbucks: They are two sides to Starbucks: there’s the fast service, making it the ideal place to go for your quick caffeine fix on the way to work, and there’s the relaxed yet classy look, making it a great place to sit and talk for a while, whether it’s a great place to meet a blind date or even have a conversation with a business colleague after hours.

-Chili’s: This can include any other similar restaurant chains because they all serve the same market: giving families a place with a variety of options at a reasonable price. It’s also a good place to go with friends after work for Happy Hour. It’s meant to be relaxed and not overly stuffed up with suits and such.

-That Deli!: I wrote about this place a couple months ago (use the search bar on the right to find the post). Businesses like That Deli! are small, more than likely family-owned, and cater to those who want personable service with the quality food. This isn’t to suggest that any of those national places aren’t personable or quality; it just means that it’s different when you’ve got a small business like these.

These are just a few simple examples. There are obviously lots of crowds to which you can market. Just take some time to decide what kind of crowd you’d like to attract or what kind of gap might be missing in your market. Then go for it!

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