Common Types of Employee Theft

employee theft

Hey, wanna hear something shocking? Employee theft accounts for about $52 billion a year in lost profits and 95 percent of all businesses experience employee theft. Restaurants, no matter what their size may be, need to implement an employee theft prevention program and take certain steps to decrease the chance for employees to walk off with your money.

Courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment: here’s a look at some of the most common types of employee theft:

• Under-ringing sales: Say a patron purchases something that costs $15. The employee can ring it up for only $5 and pocket the remaining $10. Since the till matches the transactions listed on the register tape, this theft goes undetected.

• Tearing up order tickets: An employee serves a patron, gives them the check, they pay in cash, then the employee just tears up the check and keeps the cash. No ticket = no record of the transaction.

• Stealing food or taking supplies: This may be the most common form of theft. An employee simple eats food without paying for it or steals office supplies, such as postage, notebooks, etc. This may seem minor at first, but it can add up fast and really take a sledgehammer to your bottom line.

If you suspect an restaurant employee theft has taken place at your location, don’t just to any conclusions and don’t try to play detective. Falsely accusing an employee of theft can lead to shame and a civil case. Call the police and let them handle it.

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