Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day!

Alright, men. Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, so this may be your last chance to get that reservation for a special restaurant. Now, you can go back and look up the restaurants that I discussed before, and hopefully one of those places still has some tables available. If you’ve got that figured out, here’s my last minute Valentine’s Day advice.

-Present yourself nicely. Don’t show up with a five o’clock shadow, make sure your shirt is ironed, and don’t wear a tie with a stain on it. For crying out loud, do you not love the woman enough to use a razor? Let’s get cleaned up.

-Clean your car. I know it seems like it rains whenever you wash your car, but do it anyway. Whether you do it on your own or run it through a gas station car wash, get it done. Maybe even clean out the inside too.

-Think of other perks. Does she like flowers? You better bring a bouquet. How about chocolates? Have those too. Whatever your woman likes, you better have it ready to go. Big elaborate gifts like jewelry, while pretty and sparkly, may not be necessary. Or maybe it is. I guess it depends on your girl.

-Be a perfect gentlemen. If you like burping or other public displays of bodily functions, it’s smart to avoid doing any sort of that in public, especially if you’re at a really fancy place.

I know that stuff sounds like common sense, but common sense is in short supply these days, so there you go. The Love Doctor has spoken. Oh yeah, and splurge on a nice bottle of wine.

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