Food Truck Tip: Plan Ahead for a Year’s Worth of Capital


When it comes to starting up a food truck, many folks make a common mistake that can devastate a person’s finances and throw their budget into a whirlwind of doom of gloom. That mistake is entering the business with only enough capital to open the service window but not enough to sustain themselves during the first few months when income is going to be slim. It doesn’t take as much money to start or sell a food truck as it does a brick and mortar restaurant, but food truck owners should still plan for a year’s worth of capital – not just enough for your first batch of food.

There are always unexpected events that are impossible to foresee from Day 1. Always plan ahead and ensure that you have money left in the bank to survive the sketchy days.

Examples of unforeseen calamities in the food truck world include a blown generator, a blown tire, a malfunctioning piece of equipment, etc. – seriously, there are a lot of things that can turn sour in a food truck.

A good goal to set for your food truck is to allocate enough capital to keep your business going for at least a year while you establish your firm grasp in the market.

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