Preparing for a Health Inspection

A quick side story before I get into this post: about a month ago, I went to get a drink at my favorite local bar only to find the lights off and the door locked at 9pm. There was a notice on the door saying no one was to go in, so I went somewhere else. When I got to another bar, I pulled out my fancy smart phone and did some quick research to find that my favorite local bar was shut down for a variety of health code violations. This is one of many reasons why it’s important to keep your establishment in the best of shape as your business’s well-being depends on it. We already know about keeping the place clean and keeping food safe to eat, so here are some tips of what to do when your health inspector comes to check the place out.

-Treat them like a VIP by being extra polite and respectful. Be calm and don’t be scared, and also remain professional. They’re not your buddy, so don’t act like they should be.

-Sit down with the inspector, make them comfortable, and give them information on your business. They want to make sure they’re in the right place and you have all the proper permits to be overseen. Also, random tip: bribing health inspectors is always bad, so avoid any sort of behavior that could be interpreted as bribery, even offering a beverage.

-Give them a guided tour of the facility. Either do this yourself or choose one of your top employees who will remain calm and knowledgeable to do so. Be truthful and straightforward.

-The best way to avoid a bad inspection is pretty obvious: always do the right thing. Keep areas clean, keep food stored properly, and follow the codes as precisely as possible. Do this, and you should be fine.

-If you do get cited for something that you do agree with and you can truly show was incorrect, you can set up a hearing for your citation. Be prepared for this hearing because it can mean the difference between fines and your overall grade.

When you want to know what’s the right thing to do, think about what you want to see in the places you go to eat and also what you don’t want to see. Do the things you want to see and avoid the things you don’t want to see and you should be fine.

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