My Favorite Food/Restaurant Related Movies

You know, we all have favorite movies (how’s that for a general statement?). But if you were to break it down to specific themes, I’m sure we all have at least one or two favorite movies that revolve around a restaurant or cooking in general. So here’s a quick list of my favorites to hopefully inspire some to check them out and maybe get some suggestions heading back over to me.

1. Spanglish: In this one, Adam Sandler plays a chef who’s on the verge of getting his restaurant picked up to go national. Now, aside from that part of the plot, what puts this movie on my list is the fact that Sandler, playing a chef, comes home after a long day at work and makes, what is called, the world’s greatest sandwich. If you own the DVD, there’s a special feature on the disc that shows you how to make the sandwich, and let me tell you, that sandwich has to be one of the highlights of the movie for me. I haven’t made it yet, but I’ll post pictures when I do.

2. Sideways: Now this movie does has some adult content in it, so keep the kids out of the room if you choose to check this one out. In this one, Paul Giamatti plays a man who takes his best friend out for one last hurrah before getting married through California’s wine country. There’s plenty of drama to go from there, and the acting is top notch (plus the wine sounds great). Oh, and from my personal perspective, Paul Giamatti was robbed for not getting an Oscar nod, but that’s just my little opinion.

3. Ratatouille: This one is special because, and I’m serious here, I love computer animated movies, particularly those from Pixar. Now I can make a whole paragraph on just Pixar movies, but I won’t for this post, so let me just say that the stories those movies have are incredible, truly incredible. But on to “Ratatouille”, which follows a rat (yes, a rat) in Paris who wants to learn how to cook, so he finds himself controlling a shy, unsure-of-himself would-be chef by moving him like a puppet to create some amazing dishes. And yes, it’s good for the kids, but most importantly, adults can enjoy it too.

Now remember, these are my picks, and there are a lot more out there that I haven’t seen yet. So if you’ve got a suggestion, feel free to send it my way. I’m always down for a good flick.

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