Different Types of Ovens

Whenever we think of a commercial kitchen, you think about certain types of equipment being there. One of which is an oven. Ovens are key to most kitchens, not just out in the business world, but in our homes. But what most may not know is there are several different types of ovens that are good to know about, and if you’re an up-and-coming restauranteur, you may want to know what they are to find the right one for your kitchen. So here you go:

-A convection oven uses a fan to circulate the heat in the oven’s chamber which leads to a quicker and more even cooking job.

-A conveyor oven is best for a sandwich shop or a pizzeria. It moves the dish on a conveyor belt through the oven and the cook time is shifted by adjusting the speed of the belt.

-A rotary oven is huge, and it holds between five and seven trays and moves them around like a Ferris wheel at a carnival. Did I mention it’s huge? Make sure you’ve got the room for one of these if you want one.

-If your budget lets you go for a combination oven, it can be rather useful. It works as both an oven and a steamer, and it gives you a range of cooking options. Again, they can be expensive.

-Programmable speed-cooking ovens are used for just what it sounds like: create specially programmed settings to cook stuff fast. They are efficient in many ways except quantity. You see these types of ovens at Subway when they toast your sub, and you may notice they can only do one at a time. Keep that in mind if you’re interested in such a thing.

Each of these ovens have a lot of benefits, and they each work best in certain types of restaurants. Do your research, using your restaurant’s concept as a guide, to decide which type of oven you should get for your business. Also, when you’re ready to get one, give us a call and see if we’ve got one with a great price for you.

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