Traditional Chicken Wings vs. Boneless Wings

We at One Fat Frog are mostly carnivores, or at least I assume as much. It is thus safe to assume that most of us enjoy our chicken wings, and as the National Chicken Council predicted a week ago, they assumed that Super Bowl Sunday would be met with the consumption of 1.23 billion chicken wings. However, last year saw a unique change of pace. While chicken wings are still very popular, they were outpaced last year by the new boneless variety.

So why is this? Well, for one, the boneless variety (while technically not wings as they’re made from chicken breast) have been seen as more profitable. The cost of the breast meat used to make the boneless wings is actually cheaper than getting the old fashioned wings. The prep work in making the wings are the same as traditional wings for the most part, so customers still enjoy the same tastes that they get on traditional wings without the hassle of bones.

With this news that the boneless wings’ popularity has risen, perhaps we’ve come across a new food rivalry. Just like New York vs. Chicago style pizza, have entered into a new paradigm of the boneless vs. traditional chicken wing? Will the vitriolic passion that often overtakes us food fanatics carry over into the sports bar? Will business thrive and fall due to their choice to serve one or the other? As we know, all great rivalries must start somewhere. And I have chosen a side. On Super Bowl Sunday, I sat in a Gator’s Dockside and enjoyed my favorite flavor of chicken wing, but not once did I have to eat around a bone like a lion after tackling a gazelle. I just picked it up, ate it, and savored the treat. I’ve chosen my side: I’m all for boneless. And if you have a different view…I’ll see you at the sports bar.

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