More Romantic Restaurants

Well, if you’re like me, your average run-of-the-mill guy, you probably got all obsessed with the Super Bowl and sad that there will be no football until August…AUGUST!!!….that you might have forgotten that we’re one week away from Valentine’s Day! That’s right, men, I’m wiping the barbecue sauce off my boneless-wing-consuming mouth, tossing the T-shirt for a tie, and returning to the blog-o-sphere as…The Love Doctor.

Yes, time is running out as Valentine’s Day is just a week away, but that’s still plenty of time to make a dinner reservation, but it is advised that you do not wait any longer than after this weekend as I’m sure most places will be booked for the night. And you don’t want to be like a certain guy a few years ago…before he was The Love Doctor…who didn’t make Valentine’s plans until the day before. It’s not fun. So, I quickly searched the one place I knew I would find more restaurant suggestions…Google…and I found a local patron who has offered up her views on good places to go. (Pay attention to the pronoun, men…HER views. It’s a lady, so pay attention.)

1. Mama Della’s Ristorante (Portofino Bay, Universal Citywalk): this restaurant is described as a little piece of Italy in Central Florida with cooking straight out of the kitchen of that Italian grandmother you never had (but I have…an Italian grandmother, that is). Along with good food and service (paramount in any dining experience), they also have strolling singers to provide to the ambiance of the romantic evening (and I’d be willing to be those guys will be getting a vocal workout on Valentine’s Day). Of course, gentlemen, you know a great night might cost a bit, and keep in mind there are parking fees along with going to the restaurant itself. But for your woman, it’s worth every penny.

2. Spice (Downtown Orlando): there are two local locations, but if you want to offer romance, you have to go downtown. Not only is the food tremendous, but they also offer great desserts, wine selection, and a back patio that faces Lake Eola. So as you look deep into your woman’s eyes, you can be serenaded by the sweet sounds of swans and the fountain as the sun sets behind you. On top of the wonderful atmosphere and food, the prices are reasonable, and since you’re picking up the bill, men, you can let her feel like she’s had a million-dollar meal without paying a million dollars.

3. Melting Pot (Dr. Phillips): I’m borrowing the descriptions of another patron, but I’m sure any Melting Pot location offers the same as the Dr. Phillips location. But nonetheless, this one is a no-brainer. Yes, it will cost about 100 bucks per couple, but when you love someone as much as you love your woman, is 100 bucks anything at all? Of course not. So go down, enjoy a glass of wine from their long wine list, and share some fondue during the four-course fondue dinner. And while you’re at it, you can enjoy each other’s company with the ambiance of dim lights and a private table, making you feel like the only couple in the world. And she will feel like the only woman in the world, because for you, she is.

There are lots of options out there. Hopefully I can get a few more out there before it’s too late. But gentlemen, heed my words: get your reservations early. No woman doesn’t want to feel special on Valentine’s Day.

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