I blamed it on the Union

Sorry, Frog kids, in years to come when you read this article.  But, I had to do it.  I had to blame it on the union.  You see we’ve been pretty busy at work of late preparing for NAFEM (okay, let’s be honest our BIG NAFEM HOUSE PARTY), working some larger restaurant equipment deals and just generally been busy taking over the world of restaurant equipment one piece of stainless steel at a time, and this has led to remiss of duties at the Frog household.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve still managed to get ice cream three times in the past week and a half so there is clearly no child lacking in the house.

There was an unsaid recently turned 8 year old who lost a tooth, proudly pronounced it after dinner.  Somehow I knew I just couldn’t outlive-outlast-outplay the 8 year old that night, so I threw him (the tooth fairy) under the bus.  I told her, “well, you know, I think the Tooth Fairy is a member of the union.  He might have the night off.”  She continued bouncing up the stairs.  Fast forward, I’m now in the running for the worst mommy of the year award, it’s a few days later and guess what?  I’m now having to explain to the 9 year older sister how unions work, and how I was apprised of this via an email.  “You know, the tooth fairy’s union is up in New Jersey and well, unions dictate schedules sometimes.”  So says kid, “well, I don’t see why they wouldn’t take the weekend off like us.  And besides, don’t you remember the year before the Restaurant Equipment baby when the Tooth Fairy came during the day because we were all gone.”  Me, “mumble, mumble, unions.”

darnit, Jim, foiled again!  Outwitted by the 9 year old.  Touche’! 

(On a side note, I was a member of the Teacher’s Union in various states for various years, my illustration of the union was not meant as offensive, but just a little leverage in the timely transaction of tooth and tooth fairy that did not take its course.) 

It’s gonna be a good day at the Frog, how about you?