Credit Card Skimmer Arrested In Orlando

We at One Fat Frog aren’t just here to help you find the best used restaurant equipment you need to be successful. We also want to let you know of situations that you should be aware of. And if you got a meal at TooJay’s in Orlando recently, check your credit card statements. The Orlando police have reported that several diners were victims of a credit card stealing scam. Reports state that Josue Morales, a man with prior arrests with similar identity theft charges, recruited a TooJay’s server who would steal credit card information from customers, then create fraudulent cards using the stolen numbers.

One of the victims happened to be a former commander with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and he noticed fraudulent charges on his statement, including a rather large purchase that was made at Saks Fifth Avenue. Thanks to swift work by the OPD, they were able to obtain video surveillance of the purchase, then find and arrest Morales. So far, at least 32 customers are suspected to have been part of the scam, but there might be more. The Orlando TooJay’s learned which employee was responsible for stealing the information and immediately fired him.

There are ways for restaurants to avoid these types of scams from happening when running a restaurant. For example, the employee at TooJay’s took the cards into the bathroom. Managers can find ways to discourage anything like this from occurring, and if they suspect something is going on, they should attempt to address the issue immediately. TooJay’s has surveillance cameras on their premises, and that helped catch the crooked server. Another way to avoid the practice is by keeping the locations where cards are scanned in full view of the customer. One restauranteur I read about even purchased handheld devices that servers can take to the table, swipe the card, and return in within seconds. Remember, restaurant managers, that the experience people pay for goes beyond the food, and they want to know that they and their belongings are safe on your grounds.

If you’ve been to the TooJay’s on Colonial Drive in Orlando in the last couple of weeks, do check your credit card statements to be sure that you were not a victim as well.

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