The Friendship Nine Club Honors Civil Rights Pioneers

Rock Hill Friendship Nine

Last Thursday was the 52nd anniversary of the civil rights protest in Rock Hill, South Carolina in which nine African American men were sent to prison after staging a sit-in at a segregated lunch counter. The group became known as the Friendship Nine and they gained nationwide attention for following a “Jail, No Bail” strategy. They chose to stay in jail instead of bail. This strategy lessened the financial burden on the civil rights group and put it on the white authorities.

12 students of the Dutchman Creek Middle School’s Friendship Nine Club honored the men on Thursday at the Old Town Bistro where the original protest took place. The kids sat in the same counter stools the men did and even ordered cheeseburgers like the men. The kids were joined by original Friendship Nine members David Williamson, Clarence Graham, and W.T. “Dub” Massey.

The club was formed to honor Rock Hill’s civil rights pioneers and to help promote tolerance, diversity and equality in the community. Anybody can be in the Friendship Nine Club, regardless of race or sex.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment heard about this important club and wanted to help. We’re proud to say we’re paying for their official t-shirts! Any way we can help this great group is an honor for us.

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