Pizza Hut Debuts Pizza Sliders

pizza hut big pizza slider

Over 100 million Americans tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday night to find out what secret new menu item Pizza Hut has been ruthlessly teasing for weeks. I heard there was some football played too, but pizza usurps sports every time. That’s just the facts, folks.

The super secret product turned out to be the Big Pizza Slider – mini-pizzas that measure 3.5″ across and will be sold in boxes of three for $5 or nine for $10. They’re on sale now and you can get them with any of Pizza Hut’s normal toppings.

The photo above is nice and all, but take a second and think about how big 3.5″ really is. That’s not that much bigger than their personal pans (6″). Pizza Hut is basically selling pizza bagels. Sliders have been a huge trend lately and I honestly don’ know why. They’re cute, I guess, and maybe give the illusion that you’re not eating as much.

Even in the form of pizza (the greatest of all food), the appeal of the slider remains a mystery to me.

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