How To Cut Off a Bar Patron

We’ve all seen it. Someone at the bar, whether you know them or not (or claim not to know them) has gone to the bar and had a bit too much to drink. Part of responsibly running a bar or any other establishment in which alcohol is imbibed is knowing when to tell someone that they’ve had enough. Well, that can be a very trick situation since alcohol can have a negative effect on one’s emotional state. There are ways, however, to make it a little less difficult and can be most effective, so here are some quick tips to cut off the drunk guy at the far end of the bar:

-If the patron is with friends, ask them to help. They’ll have an easier time getting to get the customer than a bartender might.

-Offer a single round more before letting them know. Tell them they can “nurse” it for as long as they want, but that’s the last drink that will be served to them.

-Watch your tone. If you come off as rude or indignant, the patron may react harshly, perhaps even violently. It’s sad that such a warning must be uttered, but it’s true.

-Make sure that other staff, especially other bartenders, managers, and security personnel (if any) that the customer is being cut off. No point in having them just move down the bar, right?

-If other customers feel uncomfortable due to a drunk patron, that drunk patron must be cut off immediately. The service industry is about a good experience, so make sure others’ experiences aren’t affected.

Remember, a bar can be liable if a drunk customer gets disorderly, so if you have someone who’s really drunk, don’t let them drink anymore.

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