Shhhh…There’s a Speakeasy in Downtown Orlando

Hanson's Shoe Repair

There’s a wicked unique new bar in downtown Orlando sure to satisfy folks looking for something different. So different, in fact, from the outside you’d think it was an old cobbler shop from the 19th century.

On the 3rd floor of NV Art Bar on Pine St., you’ll find Hanson’s Shoe Repair – a speakeasy complete with secret password. In a recent interview with the Daily City, the owners explain how it’s one of the oldest buildings downtown. They restored the sashed windows, paneled the ceiling with oak, and added a 12′ Renaissance era mural. The lighting is ambient and the live music is jazz and early soul.

When guests arrive at the third floor, they’re greeted by an ornate door with a peephole. In order to gain entry, guests have to say a secret password. The password changes every day and can only be obtained by calling Hanson’s at 407.476.9446.

For more information and some sweet sweet photos of the historic interior decor, check out the Hanson’s Shoe Repair Facebook.

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