It’s Inspire Your Heart with Art Day!

Taking off from my good buddy Four Eyed Frog’s post from yesterday, I thought I would see if today is any sort of special day that we can celebrate. And since it seems every day has some reason to celebrate (such as yesterday being National Escape Day), I figured that there had to be something for today. So, it was off to Google, and my search yielded this: Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.

So, we’re still in winter (technically for us in Florida…we get like four cold days every winter). And since winter can be such a dreary or sad season, we all need something to help uplift the spirits, and today is the day to let art do just that. So if you’ve got the time, go visit a museum, enjoy a live performance, or just Google “great art” or something and start looking at pictures. Or, best of all, create some art of your own. As a musician (oh yes, the Prof can rock), I can assure you that I will probably find myself with my guitar in hand at some point today. By the way, no, you don’t have to be a great artist to enjoy creating art. If all you can do is finger paint, then break out the paper and paints and go to town! Remember that art is about expression, and aside from smacking someone upside the head or worse, there is no wrong way to express yourself.

So go get your paints or pencils or chalks or tubas or percussive triangles or writing pads and start using art to uplift yourself in this cold and dreary month!

(By the way, according to one website I found, it’s also National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and Backwards Day, where you watch the end of the movie first and wear your pants Kris Kross style. Enjoy yourself!)

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