Happy National Escape Day


It sounds like the perfect holiday for jailbirds, but really National Escape Day is all about treating yourself. Today is the day to bust through the brick wall of the winter doldrums! Annihilate the repetitiveness of your 9 to 5 ( I would, but I have to write thrilling, thought-provoking articles like this one). Hulk mode activate!

Take a bubble bath. Eat all of the pizza in sight. Tell the bank teller you’ve been crushing on her for years. Then rob the bank and use your time in prison to write about your love affair with the teller. Then break out of jail on the next National Escape Day! Full circle, baby!

Or pamper yourself in a more legal way – like a spa or a trip to the beach. Or just get out of the house and take a stroll. Or watch The Great Escape, starring the immortals Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson. Whatever you do, have a good one.

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