Offer Your Customers Specials

There’s nothing more satisfying than going to a restaurant and getting a special. Because, as the name suggests, we feel like we’re getting something special. Well, the truth is, we are. You run a special because you want to offer a great price or a limited-availability item to your customers. If you want to run specials, here are some starting points:

-Use specials to showcase something that is limited in availability. A while back, I wrote a post about ice wine. If you get ice wine in your restaurant, that is some special stuff. Talk it up!

-Use specials to move out inventory on the verge of going bad. This doesn’t mean the good is bad (as long as it’s still within its sell-by date). Here’s a scenario: let’s say you order lots of chicken wings. You find yourself near the end of the cycle and you need to move the wings you have out. Offer up a special: 50-cent wings! That way, customers will purchase lots of wings, you get money in the till, and you don’t have waste. Sweet!

-Promote items that are high-margin. You could pick a night each week to offer a great deal that customers can get used to and know that Thursday night is chili night (no idea why I picked chili). That way, you sell a high-margin item, your customers know when to get it for a deal, and you make the profits you need to make.

These are good starting points, and specials are a great way to provide profits and promotion to your restaurant. And once you get them in, you can keep them there with your great food. Happy specials!

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