Knowing When to Change Your Menu

So you’ve had your restaurant for a while. Business has been good, but not as good as it once was. You decide that you need to make a change. The first place to start is often your menu. It doesn’t mean your food is bad; it just means that you add new items or take off old items that don’t sell as well. Or maybe it’s just taking an old dish and revamping it and preparing it a different way. Whatever it is, you must be ready to make those changes if the time comes. Here are some ways you can make some meaningful changes to your menu:

-Keep up with trends: whether certain trends are rising or falling, keep an eye on them. For the last couple of years, healthy food has been the trend, so consider offering more of those options. In a few months, it could be squid burgers. Or not.

-Watch the seasons: some types of foods, such as fish or produce, are only produced or harvested during certain times of the year. It costs less to purchase these foods when they’re in season, so keep an eye on that.

-Find cool ideas in your concept: ever hear about those weird fried food items at state fairs? That’s what it means to do something new in your current concept. Who would’ve thought that deep fried Twinkies would work?

Remember: your restaurant is a business, and you have employees and bills to pay and a living to make. You must be willing to make changes if necessary to keep it going. So be ready to see changes happen in your menu if necessary.

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