The Tabletop Pizza Oven You’ve Been Looking For…

Peerless Countertop Pizza Oven

Any restaurant, whether it’s a dive bar or a posh reservation only joint, could benefit from adding pizza to the menu. It’s a fact and I’m pretty sure it’s in the U.S. Constitution somewhere. If you’re location has not yet harnessed the Majestic Power of the Pizza, you should seriously consider it. Of course, if it doesn’t match your restaurant’s theme or menu, then don’t listen to me. Fine. I’m already over it. But if there is a pizza slice-sized hole in your restaurant’s life, then buckle up, pal.

Rather than go all out with a triple deck pizza oven, why not try a more economically sized model while you’re introducing pizza to the menu to see how it fares. Currently resting humbly like the quiet warrior it is in the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse is a used Peerless tabletop pizza oven. It’s just the trick for adding pizza to the menu without compromising a significant amount of space in your restaurant’s kitchen. It comes with the stone, so despite its size you’ll still get that classic crust out of such an unassuming machine. And the buttons…look at all those buttons…

One Fat Frog offers several ways to save on this used Peerless tabletop pizza oven. First there’s our accommodating financing plan. Our finance manager will work with you and your credit to ensure you get the financing you need. No matter what shape your credit is in, we can get you approved. Don’t sweat it, not even with bad credit. Say, that rhymes, doesn’t it. Anyways, for more information on the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment plan, and to download your very own application, head over to:

One Fat Frog also welcomes quick cash deals and package deals towards the entire stock of used commercial restaurant kitchen equipment. Yes, that applies to this used Peerless tabletop pizza oven. Come on in and make us an offer we can’t refuse.

Whether you pay by cash, credit, financing, lock of hair, etc., One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will still offer you all of our legendary complimentary services, including our free delivery to nearly the entire state of Florida! We deliver absolutely free to more places in the Sunshine State than any other dealer! Orlando, Sanford, Tallahassee, the Beaches Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, Miami, Melbourne, Ft. Myers, Tampa, etc. Call for more details.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also offers free custom paint jobs on any piece of used bakery equipment that can be painted, free custom cutting boards on all used prep tables, and free gas conversion from liquid propane to natural gas and vice-versa.

Before this used Peerless pizza oven leaves the warehouse gates, it will be detailed, combed over, massaged, tickled, and tested by our staff of certified, in-house technicians. And then, as it’s loaded onto the trucks, we’ll whisper a promise of a 30 day parts and labor warranty into your ear.

See you soon, pal.

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