Running a Restaurant: Keeping Your Staff Educated

As the resident Professor here at One Fat Frog, I’ve learned something important about life (since I’m accustomed to constantly lecturing on such a subject): one should always be learning. Even as an arrogant know-it-all, I know I don’t actually know everything, which is why I always try to learn. In your restaurant business, it’s important to make sure your staff, both in the front of house and the kitchen, are constantly learning and trying new things. Their encouraged learning will only help better your business, and a better business becomes a more profitable business.

The first step is educating your staff on the menu. Not just what the items are, but how they look and taste. If your restaurant is new, do a full menu tasting. Your kitchen staff learns preparation of each dish while your service staff tastes every item and will then know what tastes are in each dish and what to recommend to customers. If you have an existing restaurant, definitely do tasting of new plates as well as bringing back old stand-bys.

If you have a beverage program, make sure your employees (who are over 21, of course) taste the different beers, wines, and liquors that are offered. In fact, the alcohol representatives who supply your business will often host educational tasting events at no cost to you.

Also make sure to include training and drills for service. Yes, it’s true you may have good service and good employees who are good at offering good service, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure those techniques are drilled in their minds. If you notice employees who excel at one thing and others who struggle with the same thing, have them work together.

Remember, learning new things and bettering oneself is a great joy in life. Make sure your employees are doing so as well as yourself.

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