Choosing a Spokesperson for Your Restaurant

Well, we now know it’s going to be the 49ers and the Ravens in the next Super Bowl, and for those who don’t watch football, the other exciting thing about the Super Bowl: the commercials. This is the time when advertising firms, marketing gurus, and renegade PR soldiers try to make $1.2 million-dollar commercial spots count. We’ll be seeing a variety of advertising campaigns take shape this Super Bowl, and one of the top ways for restaurants is to have a spokesperson.

A spokesperson is important to a restaurant because that person because the voice giving the message of the restaurant to the perspective audience. If the spokesperson doesn’t represent the message, the message becomes lost and the audience is too. Probably the best example in the last several years has been Jared Fogle for Subway. Jared is a great spokesperson for a couple of reasons. For one, he was able to use his amazing story of weight loss to show that Subway is a viable, healthy alternative to other fast food restaurants. Another great reason for the success of Subway’s campaign with Jared is the obvious fact that Jared is a normal guy, not a paid actor. People connected with him, and Subway has seen incredible success thanks to that campaign and that has forced many of Subways competitors to add healthy menu options.

It is important, as mentioned before, to pick the right spokesperson. Some years ago, a certain well-known weight-loss assistance organization hired Monica Lewinsky as a spokesperson. Lewinsky may have used the services offered and probably saw results, but at the end of the day, there is little that Monica Lewinsky can do to make others more motivated to use the weight-loss services because of her already-established…reputation. Again, Lewinsky probably saw good things happen when she used the service, but….really?

By the way, just because you’re not a big huge restaurant chain with access to the million-dollar spots of the Super Bowl doesn’t mean you can’t get a spokesperson of your own. A local restaurant, for example, could afford a local television or radio spot and could get a local ‘celebrity’ like local news anchors to endorse their business. Just remember that they need to properly convey the business message. You won’t get a local news anchor promoting two-for-one shot specials at your bar.

Just remember to remember what your message is, and then you can find the right person to share that message.

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