Restaurant Startup: Match Your Restaurant’s Concept and Menu

So you’ve got the restaurant figured out. Your location is solidified and you have the concept made. Now to plan on the most important part: the menu. But you must remember that your menu and your concept must go together like bacon and eggs. If you have an Italian restaurant, it doesn’t make sense to sell shrimp lo mein. Now shrimp over fettuccine covered with Alfredo sauce….aaaamazing. Here are some ways to try to match your menu and your concept:

-Do you have an ethnic restaurant? If you do, your menu items should match the country or culture that you’re reflecting in the concept.

-What are you near? If you’re located in a business district, then your menu should reflect a place for business people to go to after work to get a quick but not necessarily cheap meal.

-When is your restaurant open? If you open in the morning, it makes sense to serve breakfast.

These are just a few of the ways that you could plan a menu around your concept, but you must do this otherwise your customers will be confused. And no one likes to be confused. Happy eating.

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