Subway Makes 11″ Sub…Customer Shows Outrage


As those who follow One Fat Frog on Facebook know, a picture was posted on the timeline today about the customer who got a Subway foot-long sub, and then felt like it fell…mhm…short. So he measured it. Oddly enough, he was right: it was only 11 inches long.

Now, I won’t lie. I am the resident sarcasm expert at the Frog, so I find myself wanting to slam this guy who purchased his sandwich from a local shop in his Australian city. But I will attempt to be civil. By the way, dude, you live in the only place in the world where kangaroos and koalas live in a totally natural setting while we have to go see one at a petting zoo. Is this really something that bothers you? An 11-inch sub? If I found my sub to 11 inches and then I got to go see koalas, I probably would forget that my sub was 11 inches.

Moving on: there are a handful of reasons why this sandwich may have been short. I saw one article that suggested toasting the sub causes the bread to shrink. This makes sense, and backs up my reason for never getting toasted subs (that and I’m sure the Earl of Sandwich would not be pleased with how his creation has been turned into the deli-equivalent of a s’more). As someone who used to work for sandwich shops that bake their own bread, the way it’s laid in the pan can affect it. Perhaps it wasn’t stretched to its fullest length and it didn’t hit full size despite being baked thoroughly.

Either way, there are handfuls of reasons why your sandwich was only 11 inches, and I find it kind of disheartening that you feel the need to make a big fuss about it. Seriously, all you would need is to sue Subway and you would join in history with the woman who sued McDonald’s because her coffee was hot (surprise, surprise!). If you ordered a foot-long and they gave you a six-inch or a bagel, you have a reason to complain, but seriously, dude…get over it.

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