Winning at Tilted Kilt

When you work for a restaurant equipment dealer, it’s hard for us to not talk about experiences we’ve had on various nights on the town. And if you know us at One Fat Frog, you know we’re all one big fun group. So this story came up, and there was some encouragement to share with all of you fine blog-readers.

So I decided one night to frequent Tilted Kilt, a fun little restaurant with a theme that lets the servers (all attractive young women working their way through college) to dress in short plaid skirts and white shirts tied in the middle. Oh yes…it is a wonderful place. (By the way, the food’s pretty good, too.) On this particular evening, I was enjoying my burger and cold beer when I noticed a young man pulling together a couple of tables and setting up a PA system. I asked my server what was about to happen, and she informed me that it was music trivia and karaoke. Fun times.

I wasn’t leaving any time soon, so I decided to participate in the music trivia at that started off the fun. The rules were simple: the host was going to play 10 songs, and the competitors (so to speak) had to identify the name of the song and the artist that performs it. Oh, and one more very important rule: no use of smart phones. I get my slip of paper and look around at the other tables participating; everyone else had a team of three or more, and at least one person was defying the rule of no smart phones. And it was all of them against me. Yeah, I’m sure I had no chance. But I played anyway. One by one, each song was played. Only about a minute or so of each one. Each competitor got a point for the artist and a point for the song title, so if you only knew one or the other, you could still get a point. There were also two trivia questions asked during the game that led to an extra point each. The final song was played, each table gave their final guesses, and then turned in their slips of paper.

I turned in mine and waited to hear what was more than likely inevitable. I was alone and not cheating so I wasn’t going to win. The points were tallied and the top three were announced. I didn’t get third place, or second. I figured that was it. And then, the shocker of the evening: the winner, with 22 points, was me. The other teams watched as I stood alone to claim my prize, a free Tilted Kilt beer tube. If you’ve not seen one of the beer tubes, it’s a three-foot-tall plastic tube that contains 100 ounces of beer. And no, that wasn’t a typo. 100 ounces of beer. All for me.

I, however, did not attempt to consume the beer tube that night, but the good people there made other arrangements for me, which was rather kind of them. So here’s the deal: don’t mess with me on music trivia night at the Tilted Kilt. I will win. On my own. Without Googling every song. Booyah!

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