Restaurant Management Marketing: Take Advantage of The Holidays

There was an interesting story that was floating around the One Fat Frog office last week. Apparently, one of our guys in the office went to a local branch of a well-known national restaurant chain. I hate to give away which chain, so let’s just say the servers are all women and they tend to dress somewhat provocatively (that should narrow it down). Well, he went to this particular restaurant on New Year’s Eve, expecting some type of hoopla for all to enjoy. Well, you know what they say about expectations… The place was almost completely desolate, and they were planning on closing at their normal closing hour. How can that be? It’s New Year’s Eve. They have parties for St. Patrick’s Day, but not New Year’s Eve?

The point here is that holidays are a great time for restaurants to really cash in. Relatives are coming to town, people are looking to enjoy various festivities, and that’s a great way for restaurants, bars, and the like to really draw people in the doors and get them spending money. Bars should take advantage of New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo, and restaurants can offer specials for Christmas and Easter. Among the many jobs I personally worked in my life, a chunk of my working life was spent working for a certain supermarket. Want to know the busiest days? Right before the 4th of July and Thanksgiving. Why? Because the store offers great deals on the items that people want for those holidays. And in the process, they buy lots of other merchandise too. Get them in with the deals, keep them for the year.

Our resident Frog employee who was looking to gawk at pretty girls found himself leaving one establishment and going to World of Beer instead. And I’m willing to be they had lots of plans for ringing in the New Year. Don’t let an opportunity like that pass by. And don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars. I’m not suggesting selling your first born, but hey, if you can splurge and get a really good band or DJ or afford to give away some cheap drinks, then go for it. That will draw them in, and your business should keep them coming back all year long.

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